Mari Yamamoto was born in Japan, raised in Tokyo and London.
She started playing the violin, singing and ballet at the age of 4. ​She has trained at the Royal Academy of Music London and also The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute for acting and has performed in various off off broadway shows in New York City where she was based for 5 years. She has many credits in international films, including Vladan Nikolic's "BOUREK" in theaters in the US and Europe and also as the voice of Android GEMINOID F in Koji Fukada's "Sayonara" also in theaters in 2016. She was the lead actress in Youtube Japan's official webseries, "Nonalog" from 2015-2016. She is currently based in Tokyo working with renowned Oriza Hirata's Seinendan Company and acting in international productions. Her most recent projects are a Singapore and Japan co-production feature "Jimami Tofu" in which she plays the lead, and sci-fi pilot "Surfer's Paradise" premiering 2018. She also recently wrapped a US-Japan co-production feature "The Story Game". 
Mari is also a writer and has been published in The Daily Beast, LA Times. She has also written scripts for various YouTube channels including a piece she directed for "Nonalog".
She is a native speaker of Japanese and English and also speaks basic German. Having worked on three Greek films, she is now also learning Greek. 

​by Emma Mead

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