Press and Reviews


by Emma Mead

-Interview on Japan Times May 2019
-Commentary on cosplay culture in Asia Times June 2018
-Interview on BBC Asia November 2017
-Interview on WAtenttion! Singapore Sept 2017
-Reviews on "MAGIC BULLETS" by Buran Theatre
New York Theater Review
"Mari Yamamoto delivers an emotionally charged, heartbreaking monologue and performs the violin beautifully in the band." 
-Interview on original piece "Untitled Tale" featured on Zouch Magazine 
-Reviews for "Taisetsu Na Hito" by Leah Nanako Winkler
"In an outstanding look at our need to unload onto a third party, playwright Leah Nanako Winkler gives us a stylish and funny comedy titled Taisetsu Na Hito, which means, “Is it ok if I call you an important person?”  And that’s a perfect title for this brilliant and very well performed short."
KRAD's Inaccurate Guide to Life
"What really nails it is the mathematical precision with which Mari Yamamoto does the robot's movements and speech patterns, along with her blank porcelain-doll stare, which contrasts beautifully with Alex Herrald as the the beaten-down husband and Darcy Fowler as the emotionally unstable wife."
Theater for Nerds
"Yamamoto captured the slow, precise movements of the current generation of robots, and she delivered Winkler’s excessively polite Japanese dialogue with vacuous subservience."
Review for "Advance Guard" by Ming Pfeiffer
Woman Around Town
"The actors create a world of fierce conviction, emotion, and love of art and freedom in the extreme, which is particularly embodied by Selena, played by Mari Yamamoto, a weird hippy with the airy-fairy personality to match. She adds occasional, much needed laughter to a predominantly heavy play."


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